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We produce high quality Guar Gum and Guar Dehusked Splits, which have extensive usage in food and other industries as natural thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer, hydrocolloid, natural fibre, binding, gelling and fracturing agent. United Gums Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the latest Guar Gum project in Pakistan. It is an export based company with world-wide customers mainly in Canada, China, Dubai, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Holland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, Spain.

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United Gums Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.

Our team of qualified professionals ensures that high quality standards are maintained throughout the production process.

Quality control process starts right from the purchase of Guar seeds. Our team visits Guar growing areas on Annual Guar Crop Survey to evaluate the quality of the new crop.

A dedicated Microbiological Laboratory At United Gums Industries Pvt Ltd ensures that products are produced under the rigorously controlled hygienic standards of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA)

At the time of purchase, the quality of seed is examined and approved by our quality control laboratory.

Under our on-going Research & Development programs, we endeavor to improve our existing products and develop new ones. We have a dedicated team of research staff who are engaged in this activity.