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Guar Gum powder for food must be of the highest microbiological purity and it must also be uniform in its physical and chemical characteristics from delivery to delivery. For this reason, the maintenance of consistent high quality production is of paramount importance. Strict quality control procedures in the form of rigorous laboratory tests are applied systematically at every stage of production from the receipt of raw material to the finished products.

Production & Processing

High quality standards are maintained throughout the production process, right from seed procurement till the delivery of final products to our valued customers.


  • Extreme purity and well-defined products
  • Versatility of application
  • Consistency of Properties
  • Applicability in low concentrations
  • Variety of types
  • More yield more profit

Application & Functions

  • Improving Shelf-life of bakery products
  • Giving body to edible ices and instant drinks
  • Making the processed food fibre enriched
  • Suspending and stabilising of particles
  • Modifying& improving rheological
  • Maximising the volume of baked articles


  • A Strict Focus On Quality
  • Crop Survey
  • Seed Purchase
  • Control Lab
  • Microbiological Lab
  • Research & Development