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Baked Foods

Breads, Cakes, Pastries, etc

Used as a moisture retention agent sand as a dough conditioner in baked foods. It imports desirable binding and film forming properties that penetrates fats and oils.

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Dairy Products

Yogurt, Desserts, Mousse, Cheese, etc.

It prevents syneresis in the cheese formation. Guar Gum improves texture, tenderness and maintains colour uniform and viscosity. It improves the mouth feel in dairy products.

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Meat Product

Meat Products, etc.

Guar acts as a binder and lubricants in the manufacturing of variety of meat products such as sausages. The cold water solubility and hydration of Guar Gum permits easy processing while absorbing and binding excess water.

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Frozen Foods

Ice Cream, Soft Serves Frozen Cakes, etc.

In frozen foods it controls crystal growth, prevents moisture loss, reduces freezer ban, control syneresis, prevents thaw separation & controls freezing point.

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Sauces and Pickles

Sauces Pickles Barbecue Relish, Salad Dressing, etc.

It improves the free flowing properties of the separation between water and oil phases. it is unique cold water binder in salad, sauces, pickles and relishes.

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Chocolates, Jellies, Biscuits, etc.

Guar Gum plays an important role in various confectionery products like chocolates, cream, jellies and biscuits, due to its properties of viscosity control, moisture retention, bloom control, get creation, agar and gelatin replacer, glazing agent.

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Cocoa, Drink, Fruit Juice, Sugarless & Alcoholic Beverages, etc.

Guar Gum Powder is used to maintain viscosity and act as a suspending agent in fruit beverages. It improves and maintains mouth feel.

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Pet Food

Veterinary preparation, Calf Milk Peplacer, etc.

It is a good thickener, stabilizing and suspending agent for veterinary preparations. It forms gels, retains moisture in food.

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Lotions, Hair Shampoos & Conditioners, etc.

Used as a thickening agent lubricating agent, suspending agent, detergent compatible thickener, protective colloid forming agent.

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Paste & Cream

Tooth Paste, Shaving Creams, etc.

Due to high viscosity, it imparts slip for extruding the paste from the tube without any excessive pressure.

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Laxatives, Sustained Release Drugs, Vitamins, Syrups etc.

Recent studies makes Guar Gum powder very important for pharmaceutical industries, Different quality of Guar Gum Powder Shows different major effects in medicine, it increases the intestinal transit time and increases bulk and stool.

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Reconstitution of Fragmentation in Tobacco.

Guar Gum powder is used as a binder for fragmented tobacco fins in the manufacturing of reconstituted tobacco. It is used as binding and strengthening agent.

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Paper Industry

Wrapping & Photographic Paper, Craft, Filter, etc.

Guar’s cost effectiveness and properties makes it a useful polymer for paper industry. It increases fold, tensile strength pick and pulp and pulp hydration, simultaneously it decreases the porosity and improves finish for better paper quality.

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Textile Printing and Sizing

Cotton Rayan, Silk, Wool sizing, Carpets Printing, etc.

In sizing it increases the strength of warp thereby reducing its breakages and also reduces the dusting of sizing machine. It has a good film forming properly. It is used as a dispersant thickening agent for dyes in textile printing.

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Concentration of Ore, Filtration, etc.

Guar Gum is used in mining industry as a floatation agent, flocculating or setting agent, foam stabilizer and in the generation of back water.

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Oil Well drilling and Explosive

Drilling fluid, Hydraulic, etc.

Guar Gum Powder is widely used in oil well drilling due to its multi-functioniong such as water loss control, viscosity control, friction reduction, lubrication and cooling of the drill bits. In explosives Guar Gum Powder improves resistance to water and aging in explosives. When Guar Gum used with transition metal ions, it increases viscosity. It also works as a thickening agent in blasting slurry and for explosives mixtures.