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The sponsors of this company has diverse professional ground experiences of foreign trade, manufacturing of Guar Gum products, Constructions and real estate, Automobiles and PVC/BOPP over the last 24 years. United Gums Industries Pvt Ltd established in 2011. Since then we are one of the leading producer & exporter of Guar Gum products in Pakistan.We produce highly purified Guar Gum Powder and Guar splits, which have extensive usage in food and other industries as natural thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer, hydro-colloid, natural fiber, binding, gelling and fracturing agent. The by-product, Guar Meal is used as a nutritional supplement for animal, poultry and cattle feed. Our Guar products are developed and manufactured under stringent quality control standards. Our well-equipped laboratories and qualified personnel help to ensure and maintain quality control standards. United Gums Industries Pvt Ltd is also the member of KARACHI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY (K.C.C.I)

Our Vision

United Gums Industries Pvt Ltd has this aim to be the best and reliable producer & exporter of Guar Gum products by winning the long term trust and satisfaction of our valuable customers.


The Company maintains Quality Assurance department to ensure that the product is in conformity with CGMP (current good manufacturing procedures), SSOP (sanitary standard operation procedures) and ISO standards. The scientific testing of random samples is being carried out at every intermediate stage of processing. Only after getting approval from Quality Assurance department the intermediate products are used for further processing and final packaging. For processing, the material is selected on the principle of first in, first out [FIFO]. The stringent care and hygienic conditions that are maintained throughout the processing period, and the fumigation (as per direction pest control of India) conducted before packing the material cannot be contaminated.

Research & Development

Batch-wise inspection for correctness of quality of international standards, including careful attention in formulation and product innovation, form an important phase of our R & D exercise. Our fully equipped R & D department analyses technical data, develop product samples, and facilitates demonstration of product application etc. Printing with dyes in various categories of thickeners on different fabrics is done as an important part of our R & D procedures.

Customer RelationsCustomer First (Our Competitive principle)

The thickening effect of Guar Gum is similar to gelatin, but the end result is more of a syrup than a jello. Guar Gum has a thickening power nearly 8 times greater than that of corn starch.

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United is known for their quality and rare, hard-to-find ingredients. Guar Gum is no exception, but anything can be found on Amazon, right? Barry Farms to the rescue!

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